This is one of the most basic yet strongest security features generally available on darknet markets.

This one’s especially important if users wish to sell on the market. That’s because 2-FA isn’t optional for vendors on Tor2door market. Moreover, Tor2door is one of the very few markets that lets users recover their accounts using PGP keys if you’ve lost your mnemonic key.

We did also cover a step-by-step tutorial on how to sell on Tor2door market.

Anyway, here’s how to enable 2-FA on the market:

Step 1: Login to your account > hover over your username (extreme right on the top-bar) > select “edit profile”.

Step 2: Click on “Security settings” from the left-sidebar.

Step 3: Turn the slider on next to “Enable Two-factor authentication”, and paste your public PGP key in the provided box > click enable.

Done. I did find it a bit weird that there’s no verification for this key. Meaning, on most other markets, after pasting the key a message needs to be decrypted. This is to verify that you’ve pasted the correct key and have access to it. However, no such verification exists on Tor2door market.

This does make the entire process faster and simpler. However, in case a user pastes a wrong key, and logs out, they’ll have to recover their Tor2door account using the mnemonic code.

In order to disable the 2-FA key, you follow the exact same procedure and simply turn the slider to off.