• Is registration mandatory on Tor2door market?

Yes. The market can only be accessed after registration. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register on Tor2door market.

  • Is Tor2door free for buyers?

Yes. Tor2door is free for buyers. The registration, deposit of funds and purchase of items are not charged for buyers.

  • Is there any withdrawal fee?

Yes.  Users pay a fee for withdrawing funds. However, this is standard for the industry and for all the markets out there.

The good news is, Tor2door lets users choose their own withdrawal fee. They get to choose a “transaction speed”. Depending on this speed, the fee increases or decreases for the transaction.

Refer to this Tor2door withdrawal guide for steps.

  • How much does the market charge for exchanges (swaps?)

All swaps are charged at 2% /transaction.

  • Can I swap other cryptocurrencies except BTC or XMR?

No. The market only allows swapping BTC to and fro XMR.

  • How much is the Vendor fee? Is it refundable?

The vendor fee on Tor2door market is fixed at $500.00. On top of this, there’s also a 5% commission paid per sale. This is paid only by the vendor. The vendor fee is non-refundable. Here’s how to get a vendor account on Tor2door market.

  • Does Tor2door market offer free vendor accounts?

Yes. In rare cases when an established vendor (on other markets) applies for a vendor account, he/she may request a free vendor account. This requires verification and the final decision rests with the market.

  • Can I use standard (non-multisig) escrow?

Yes. Multisig is available, however, it’s optional.

  • Does Tor2door market publish a Canary?

It most certainly does. The link can be found at the footer of the market.

  • Can I convert a buyer account to a vendor account?

That’s the only way to get a vendor account. All accounts are first registered normally (as a buyer) and then converted to vendor accounts when needed.

  • Can I delete my Tor2door account?

It may be possible if you contact the team. However, there’s no in-built/automated deletion button on the market.

  • Is Tor2door market legal?

The “market” is legal. It’s just a website that lets people buy and sell items. However, the kind of products being sold or the funds being used on the market may not always be legal.

  • Why do I need a VPN to access Tor2door market?

Technically, you do not “need” a VPN. Tor will let you access the market even without a VPN.

However, Tor isn’t secure. It can be routed back to your original IP and the location in certain circumstances.

A VPN makes it impossible for that to happen even when your Tor connection gets decrypted.

  • Which VPN is the best for Tor2door?

Any VPN which has a “publicly and independently audited” no logs policy, isn’t a part of the Five-Eyes group, and is dark-web optimized does the job. My personal recommendation is NordVPN. It’s extremely fast, cheap and offers more features than most other VPNs out there.