To use Tor2door in any way, you must register. I’ve obviously seen markets which do not require any registration whatsoever, however, that’s not the case with Tor2door.

 Registration would let users manage their orders, funds, tickets, get refunds and a lot more. Being honest, those “no-registration” markets are a bit of a hassle to manage and work with. And, as the registration on Tor2door is completely free and anonymous, it’s not really a problem.

So, here are the steps to register on Tor2door market:

Step 1: Go to the market homepage.

Step 2: Click on “Create an Account”.

Step 3: Fill in the form. It only asks for the very basic details such as a display name, an username (this is used for logging in), a password, and a PIN. Once filled up, click on the “Register” button.

Step 4: The market will show you a mnemonic code next. Note this down somewhere safe. It’s very important and would be required if you lose your account, or while making major changes to your account.  Once you’ve stored it safely, click on “I’ve stored my mnemonic code somewhere safe”.

Done. Now, you’d be redirected to your account dashboard.